Mit Unterstützung des Umweltförderprogramms LIFE+ der Europäischen Union

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Nature experience

Be amazed by the transformation!

In the three project areas of the LIFE+ project „Alliance for Nardus grasslands“ dark spruce forests are still the predominating habitats. But soon, the conversion of coniferous forests into"open land", into mountain hay meadows, Nardus grasslands, dry and humid heaths will be started.

Visit the project areas and accompany the progress of the project.See for yourself the change from species-poor to species-rich, multifarious habitats most suitable for the experience of nature.

In direct neighbourhood to the project areas these can already be observed and investigated today. Here on a small or large territory a preview is offered to what is to be achieved in the LIFE + project. Thus the area of the “North Rhine-Westphalia Foundation Nature Conservation, Home-and Culture Care” around Sistig is already suitable to get an impression of things to come.

You can explore alone or you can also contact the LIFE+ team: We accompany you with pleasure.

In the future nature and landscape guides are trained – in co-operation with regional educational institutions - on the project and on the characteristics of the habitats which are to be restored. As disseminators they are placed to offer field trips and special nature experiences to all interested visitors.

Whether alone or professionally accompanied: We hope you have a pleasurable time with impressive experiences and insights into the soon flowering landscapes of the Northern Eifel!