Mit Unterstützung des Umweltförderprogramms LIFE+ der Europäischen Union

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Nature experience for everyone

Across the flowering landscapes …

“ Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm…
Enthusiasm is the genius of sincerity,
and truth accomplishes no victories without it. “

Active experience, discovery and understanding of nature and landscape: Get inspired by shapes and colours, be astonished at sophisticated solutions, developed by nature.

The team of the LIFE + project will accompany you with pleasure on your discovery tours in and around the project sub-areas. Talk to us!

When the time has finally come ...

... Nardus grasslands and mountain hay meadows are restored and in full bloom. Then partners for agriculture, regional accomodation and "wellness providers" are wanted. Hay harvested from the herb meadows can be then used in “healing and spa treatments “. In addition to this it will be fun to experience the exceptional pleasure of sleeping on a bed of hay! Perhaps you would also like to taste hay-roasted lamb- it will be possible to explore the Eifel, its nature and landscape in many ways.

The Life+ project will inform you about progress and offers here.