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„Forest of Baasem“ and neighbouring areas (Municipality of Dahlem)

The area „Forest of Baasem” is located on the siliceous plateau of the Eifel between Baasem and Berk. It is a complex of relatively large-area Nardus grasslands, wet heathlands and montane hay meadows interspersed with vast spruce forests. They are residues of the expanded heaths which existed at the end of the 19th century.

The „Forest of Baasem“ represents the even now maintained core area of the formerly large-area common pasture land between Baasem and Berk. Especially the excellent formed Nardus grasslands with their numerous use- and location-related variants and its perfectly preserved species composition – with distributions of several in the Rhenish Massif almost extinct species – are to be emphasized. Moreover extended montane hay meadows with characteristic composition of species and in a very good, partly brilliant state of preservation are to be reckoned. Inside the forest several wet heaths with vegetation typical for the landscape are located. The biggest one is in an excellent condition of cultivation.

Furthermore the manifold existence of the Pseudorchis albida in Nardus grasslands and heathlands are highlighting. In the whole of the other Rhenish Massif are nowadays only two known proofs.
Primary goals of the development are the conservation and optimization of the residues of a complex of biotops comprising wet heaths, Nardus grasslands, nutrient-poor grasslands and pastures with their countrywide significant occurrence or species. Renaturation of wet heaths in wet spruce plantations which do have an appropriate development potential is another target in the area “Forest of Baasem”. The area nowadays represents a major core area of the natural resources of Nardus grasslands in the Eifel. It has to be accounted as an essential core of restoration and dissemination for endangered species of Nardus grasslands (“

The project area in the Municipality of Dahlem